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Association of Certified Digital Accounting Professionals (ACDAP) have a variety of options for an employer or a student, can progress their learning journey and membership irrespective of current qualifications or work experience. We strive to present an environment of professionalism in digital accounting compliance and competence. 

ACDAP is in full realisation that modern technology has changed the way accountants work in today's business landscape. Before, accountants had to process and record financial data manually, which potentially led to wasted time, cost, and errors. Today, automation is helping accountants get routine tasks done faster and more accurately, so they can focus on key financial strategies and better cash flow management to support the organisations thrive.

We measure ourselves against this invisible standard and regularly update ourselves on the emerging technological demands of the modern world. Now more than ever, accountants need to present themselves as the trusted adviser and maintain strong client relationships through efficient working and communication; the use of modern, collaborative technology is the heart of the ACDAP mission. We prepare students and professionals through:

  • Digital accounting software training 
  • Accounting work placement

Suppose you are getting the first steps towards a career in accounting, bookkeeping or payroll administration and looking to develop competence/capability and enhance skills to earn the next level. In that case, ACDAP could be the best choice. When you gain the ACDAP qualifications: 

  • You are among the trusted advisors
  • You have no burden of the compliance jobs such as year-end accounts and tax returns. 
  • You have sufficient time to focus on developing more innovative services for clients, like providing insight and advice
  • Your working speed is accelerated
  • You are out of cumbersome paperwork
  • Your productivity is boosted and measurable
  • You can work from anywhere, without borders

Flexible options and multiple delivery methods

Flexibility is a massive benefit in encouraging student, professional and staff to study. Our digital accounting qualifications provide the flexibility to allow people to learn and bring their untapped talent to the surface. Student and professionals have flexible options to complete their training as per their own pace. Our flexible courses options make it easy to adjust your learning time around your daily life routine.

Digital accounting

Digital accounting has rapidly become the norm in the accounting sector. Many firms look to technology providers to provide them with the tools to help service their clients more effectively. They are looking for digital accountants to provide the extra touches, which ACDAP provides but the only technology cannot. ACDAP knows that differentiating business growth advice is becoming increasingly important, which is central to our approach. ACDAP will prepare you through extensive practical training and accounting work experience. After ACDAP training, you will have all the necessary skills and knowledge of working through the most popular and advanced computerised accounting software such as Sage 50, Sage Payroll, Quickbooks and Xero. There are many job roles where you can perform with entire satisfaction and competence; some are:

  • Senior Accountant
  • Accountant
  • Senior Bookkeeper
  • Assistant Accountant
  • Assistant Payroll Manager
  • Payroll Administrator
  • Payroll Supervisor
  • Payroll Manager
  • Senior Payroll Adviser
  • Payroll Director
  • Payroll Advisor
  • Office Administrator
  • Bookkeeper
  • Junior bookkeeper
  • Accounts Assistant
  • Purchase/Sales ledger clerk
  • Credit Controller
  • Office Manager

Digital payroll administration

Payroll has become a digital discipline, which incorporates a broad spectrum of innovational technology. Digital tax accounts now have integration with PAYE systems to open up a variety of options and approaches for payroll system administrators. Now there is a transformation in daily operations of payroll processing. Most tasks now integrate through various payroll processing software, like Sage 50, Xero and Quickbooks. ACDAP prepare students and professionals for a digital workplace, and the new skills they need to develop to adapt and succeed in the payroll administration. At completion, you are ready to perform on the following job roles:

  • Payroll Consultant
  • Senior Payroll Adviser
  • Digital Payroll Advisor
  • Digital Payroll Manager
  • Digital Payroll Supervisor
  • Digital Payroll Administrator
  • Digital Payroll Clerk
  • Digital Assistant Accountant
  • Digital Bookkeeper

Digital bookkeeping

Digital/computerised bookkeeping is one of the core expertise of the ACDAP. Digital bookkeeping means storing and securing the accounting records online; you can do it either on a computer or in the cloud. You should know that there's more to it than that. Digital bookkeeping enables you to use accounting software to connect data and streamline payment processes more than ever before. ACDAP will make you competent and capable in digital bookkeeping and provide practical training on most advanced software like Sage 50, Xero and Quickbooks. At completion, you are a job-ready candidate on the following positions:

  • Digital Bookkeeper 
  • Junior Bookkeeper
  • Digital Assistant Accounts 
  • Digital Finance Assistant
  • Purchase/Sales Ledger Clerk

Computerised accounting training with digital competence

ACDAP provides you with competence and digital accounting skills to work on the very demanding software. ACDAP will prepare you through practical training on real-case using, provide you with accounting work experience and equip you with all the competencies essential to perform in a digital accounting environment. We prepare competent professionals for the computerised accounting through hands-on practice on digital competence on the most advanced software such as:

  • Sage 50 Accounts which is a market-leading accounting software aiming to help you in management of finances. It keeps track of expenses, sales and profit, it can quickly analyse the business performance with a broader range of reports. Sage 50 Accounts functions provide you with the information you need to stay in control and drive the business forward.
  • Sage Payroll is a cloud-based payroll software that caters to small and medium-sized businesses across various industries. Sage is to help in managing the payroll administration and operations. Sage is to pay employees through pay cards, direct deposit, or checks; it has functions like report-writing and GL export capability. Sage has integration with other software like Sage 100, Sage 50, and Quickbooks. It can combine the time and attendance solutions to track PTO, overtime and tardiness.
  • Xero accounting is to change the game for small and medium businesses; it is cloud-based accounting software integrates people with the right numbers anytime, anywhere, on any device. For accountants and bookkeepers, Xero assists in building a trusted-relationship with business clients through online integration and collaboration. ACDAP has the honour of preparing thousands of individuals with Xero accounting skills and expertise.
  • Quickbook is a business accounting software programme, and businesses use this for the management of income and expenses; it keeps track of the financial health of the company. It can be used for invoice preparation, payment of bills, generation of reports, and prepare for taxes. It also uses to generate month and year-end financial reports while preparing for quarterly or annual business taxes. ACDAP provides the opportunity of practical accounting experience under the guidance of high-calibre accounting professionals. 

Benefits of ACDAP digital qualifications

Benefits of a career in accountancy are massive; ACDAP develops your knowledge by a combination of work and study. Some significant advantages include:

  • Fresh graduate and qualified professional from ACCA, CIMA, AAT, CIPFA, ICAEW or any other professional accounting qualification holders having no prior experience can take benefit from ACDAP
  • Our digital accounting qualifications and skills will evaluate and prepare you for any accounting and finance job roles. These job roles are Auditor, Accountants, Financial Analysts, Management Accountants, Tax Accountants, Credit Controllers, Finance Managers, Payroll Administrators, Bookkeepers and many more
  • ACDAP digital accounting qualifications and training programmes have in-built digital compliance, meeting the goals of students, professionals and employers
  • We prepare students and professionals in real-working-environment to make them much more confident and competent. Our digital accounting qualifications include hand-on practical working on real-case examples through advanced accounting software like Sage 50, Sage One, Sage Payroll, Sage CIS, Sage Compliance, Sage Accounts Production Advanced (SAPA), CCH, IRIS, Xero, QuickBooks, SAP, Oracle Financials, MS Excel and many more
  • Our approach and support explain the skills learner develop through the ACDAP Digitial Accounting Qualifications, the job roles and the working sectors
  • Supporting learners and organisations to unlock their potential and talent
  • Even you are new to the accounting and finance field, or you want to enhance your skills, you can find from ACDAP everything you want to know about job roles, salaries, progressions etc.
  • We help you in understanding what it means to be a digital accountant or technician
  • We provide you with the best way to gain the skills and confidence to take the next step up and climbing the career curve
  • ACDAP continually assesses the digital accounting qualification and training for the quality of delivery, and there is a variety of flexible classroom-based and online options to suit any organisation, student and professional

ACDAP distinctions

ACDAP qualifications are leading digital accounting qualifications for beginners and professionals - providing learners with the skills, competence, knowledge and values to have successful careers and lead the organisations. When you have achieved the ACDAP Digital Accounting Qualifications, you have:

  • Gained a high competency level to prove you are job-ready with required skillset by the employer
  • Completed work based real scenarios, ethics and professional skills module
  • The capability and competence to handle the specified requirements and mandates for digital compliance in accounting and financial reporting
  • Holding a recognised professional digital accountancy qualification are eligible for accelerated entry to ACDAP membership

Global recognition

ACDAP digital accounting qualifications are globally recognised meeting the needs of student, professional, employers, public and private sector, both now and in the future for the digitisation of accounts. ACDAP digital accounting qualifications equip with real work scenarios for all accounting practices with digital competence and compliance.

Work from home

ACDAP digital accounting qualifications are fully compatible with the newly emerging working method "Work-From-Home". Online accounting also frees up working professionals time, so they can focus on more value-added tasks and work more efficiently amid disruptions to business operations. 

Continuing professional development

ACDAP is a valuable source of CPD. It provides an opportunity to top up existing competencies with specific knowledge and skills around digital technology, future disruptors and digital transformation. To fulfil the ever-changing demands of various authorities like HMRC, Local Authorities, we always keep CPD resources updated. These CPD resources serve accountants, finance & tax professionals, bookkeepers, auditors, financial planners, and business consultants to help them stay up-to-date on the state of the accounting and finance industry.

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