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Our employer survey showed 90% of employers agreed/strongly agreed that ACDAP was highly professional & competent; having the appropriate skills to support & engage their staff to achieve qualifications.

Survey responses showed 95% of employers identified our training programmes added real value to their organisation & had made changes to the business operation as a result of knowledge gained from ACDAP.

Employer feedback states that “The ACDAP team is very professional, friendly & always ready to offer all our staff a word of advice”. Enrichment activities supplement a learning programme to develop employees’ self-esteem, confidence & other broader capacities, e.g. participating in events is encouraged to promote trust & vocabulary. Motivation is up, & feedback states “Employees are highly motivated & enjoy learning to bring their enthusiasm into the workplace”.

Join our network

Association of Certified Digital Accounting Professionals (ACDAP) will connect you to our network of employers. The employer network is not only spread across the UK but Globally. You can join it to receive support and guidance for the work you do in everyday life. When you join, you can: 

  • Find events 
  • Search other practising members 

Network features

Regular communication through the network helps us identify current & future training needs. We review industry updates & publications to maintain our currency of knowledge, and we disseminate to students and professionals. Our dedicated staff manage relationships with Employers and other stakeholders. The network includes:

  • Local authorities
  • Sector skills councils
  • Local enterprise partnership
  • Topnotch recruitment agencies

Job matching

Our network helps candidate and employers to find the best match to fill vacancies/skills gaps. We conduct Training Needs Assessments of employers to promote tailored programmes of staff development and progression. We individually tailor our programmes of learning following the robust initial assessment, skills matching against job specs from the employer skills gap analysis identifying training activity compliant with guidance.

Tailored programmes

ACDAP recognises the importance of the contribution of line managers; we take their input while designing the learning programmes. We carry out alterations/development plans. Our team conduct a root cause analysis & take corrective actions with the set timescales to include the additional accounting training. We offer to customise programmes through mentoring to get support & discuss specific issues relating to specific digital accounting needs of the businesses.


We continue to invite MPs, Topnotch Accounting and Finance Professionals, Bankers, HMRC and Industry Speakers to interact with our student and professionals. We attend local networking events & increase the range of guest speakers from industry to expand employer contacts & promote programme benefits. We use this profile to attract further businesses, assist businesses in developing further by utilising our extensive links across the sector & to match appropriate programmes to their organisations.


We give fair access to digital training & synergy with the demands of employers. Out of hours’ training delivery is also in practice at the ACDAP. Our online learning & interactive resources have a significant element of education. Students & professional can progress at their own pace. We monitor the time spent on activities for timely progression.

Job market information

Our team stay current with regular reviews of job market information & consultation with employers. We remain closely informed about:

  • Local enterprise partnership
  • Priority growth sectors
  • Development strategies 
  • Infrastructure investments

Regular surveys help us reflect on community, local & sector needs and skills. We regularly communicate with our database of employers via email, social media & industry updates.

Collaborative approach

Our collaborative approach helps employers think about future progression for employees within their business. We plan career advancement opportunities to enhance the value of the investment of employers in staff development. We advise employers in the implementation of digital accounting parameters with the help of our highly qualified accountants.

Further development opportunities

ACDAP has an excellent track record of managing opportunities for further development for employers. We ensure that all milestones have been met & achievement in terms of company development attained. We advocate new appropriate programmes & prepare the “right professionals for the right job”. 

Quality assurance

We measure & track the added value. We bring over the duration of the programmes through qualitative & quantitative measures designed as part of our quality assurance processes. We help employers plan career advancement opportunities to enhance the value of their investment in staff development; demonstrating how we measure & capture the training value.

Post completion support

After the programmes, we remain in contact with employers to discuss the quality & performance of personnel & impacts of learning on their business. We do follow up surveys to establish the destinations of students and professionals to have broader outcomes such as promotions, moving into further learning, pay rises & other positive goals.

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