Professional Stage—Digital Accounting Professional

The ACDAP Professional Stage—Digital Accounting Professional course is tailored for advanced accounting positions, providing expertise in financial and management accounting, business, and personal taxation. This course is designed to enhance your skills and boost your confidence in financial statement preparation, budgeting, forecasting, MTD, and corporation and self-assessment tax returns. Throughout the programme, you will master these skills, preparing you for the next level in your accounting career.

What sets this course apart is its strong emphasis on practical application. Participants gain theoretical knowledge and actively apply concepts in practical situations, enhancing their problem-solving abilities for the challenges of the modern financial landscape.

Graduates emerge well-prepared to excel in various professional settings, making this programme an ideal choice for those aspiring to succeed in the dynamic realm of digital accounting.

The curriculum covers Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, Business, and Personal Taxation, ensuring a comprehensive blend of theoretical understanding and practical application. It equips professionals with valuable expertise in vital skills such as financial statement preparation, budgeting, forecasting, and tax return completion.

From an HMRC and Making Tax Digital (MTD) perspective, the qualification covers essential compliance aspects, preparing participants to navigate digital taxation requirements and stay updated on contemporary regulations.

This holistic approach readies professionals to meet the evolving demands of the digital era, positioning them as adept contributors to modern tax compliance standards.

Entry Requirements

This course entry requires Level 3 Accounting or an equivalent qualification from any reputable awarding organisation.

Qualification Units

This digital accounting professional course focuses on four more advanced units:

  • Management Accounting Theoretical and Practical
  • Financial Reporting Theoretical and Practical
  • Business Tax Theoretical and Practical
  • Personal Tax Theoretical and Practical

Details of the Qualification Units

Following are the details of this ACDAP course units, including Management Accounting Theoretical and Practical, Financial Reporting Theoretical and Practical, Business Tax Theoretical and Practical, and Personal Tax Theoretical and Practical:

  • Management Accounting Theoretical and Practical: This unit delves into theoretical concepts and practical applications, providing insights into decision-making processes, budgetary control, and performance evaluation. Practical exercises involve real-world scenarios, enhancing participants' professional ability to apply management accounting principles.
  • Financial Reporting Theoretical and Practical: Focused on financial reporting principles, this unit covers theoretical understanding and practical application. Participants learn to prepare complex financial statements for companies, ensuring compliance with accounting standards. Practical exercises involve hands-on experience, fostering skills in financial reporting within diverse business contexts.
  • Business Tax Theoretical and Practical: Addressing the complexities of business taxation, this unit covers theoretical knowledge and practical skills in preparing and managing corporate tax returns. Participants navigate real-world scenarios, gaining expertise in compliance requirements, deductions, and business tax planning strategies.
  • Personal Tax Theoretical and Practical: This unit explores theoretical aspects and practical applications of personal taxation. Participants delve into income tax, capital gains tax, and inheritance tax. Functional exercises involve hands-on experience preparing self-assessment tax returns, ensuring participants are well-prepared to handle individual taxation matters.

Advanced Software and Case Studies

The Digital Accounting Professional course provides extensive exposure to sophisticated industry-leading software, cutting-edge cloud-based tools, and real-world case studies. Participants delve into advanced platforms, including but not limited to Sage 50, Sage One, Sage Payroll, Xero, QuickBooks, SAP, Advanced Excel, and more.

This elevated exposure ensures that graduates not only master the intricacies of navigating complex financial software but also develop advanced proficiency.

The advanced digital accounting qualification equips students, professionals and businesses with the skills to handle higher-level accounting scenarios. It empowers them to contribute strategically in senior accounting roles and navigate the complexities of contemporary financial landscapes.


Completing this course requires 10-12 months, depending on your chosen study medium.


You can gain this qualification through Online, Classroom, or Blended modes, offering flexibility to your learning preferences.

Jobs after the course:

Upon completing this professional accounting, you can perform professional-level diverse jobs, including:

  • Management Accountant
  • Financial Accountant
  • Finance Manager

The advanced skills acquired through this programme empower students and professionals for senior-level accounting and finance roles. Additionally, it enriches proficiency in business management, fulfilling advanced digital accounting requirements and ensuring readiness for the challenges and opportunities in today's dynamic financial landscape.

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