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Association of Certified Digital Accounting Professionals (ACDAP) is a leading digital education and learning body/provider in the accounting & finance sectors across the UK and Globally. We have dedicated ourselves for students, professionals and businesses to meet the full range of financial and business digitisation needs through our Digital Accounting Qualifications. 

While exploring our website, I hope you learn more about the qualities that make ourselves an outstanding provider of digital accounting qualifications to build careers and growing businesses. 

We are here to support people to achieve their potential and progress in their careers and lives; this remains central to the ACDAP. We are evolving, developing an excellent talent in digital accounting and finance sectors and supporting society to work. 

By utilising our leadership and managers years of experience and expertise in accounting and finance sectors, we have extensively built our presence in the corporate arena by offering fully customised digital accounting qualifications and training through high calibre accounting and finance experts. 

We have constructed our foundation to establish ourselves as a key player in digital accounting. We have recruited the best people and combined them with a superior product to deliver on our promises to develop and prepare accounting professionals.

We have an inspiring and devoted team, brought together to create and maintain a high level of theoretical and practical digital competence in accounting and finance sectors. We achieve this through extensive practical training on popular, most advanced and modern software like Sage Payroll, Xero payroll and Quickbooks. Our commitment is to deliver high-quality learning through accounting work experience with digital compliance. Our focus is to prepare such individuals who are fully competent in accounting, bookkeeping, payroll management, taxation, returns, reports, auditing, VAT, MTD and HMRC compliance.

We invest in the development of programmes to keep our students and professional at the top of their professions. Our insight and research assure they always stay competitive in their accounting profession.

Our qualifications deliver the multi-sector accounting and finance knowledge, competence, skills and professional and ethical values needed in all the organisations and industries.

We work on a broader range of capacity-building to the strengthening of the accounting skills, knowledge and competence. We promote compliance with high standards across the globe.

At the heart of what we consider is the belief that the accounting profession can transform the societies where we live in more transparent and fair. Because we collaborate with employers and other bodies, we serve together to boost trades and make sure our accountants working to the same high standards of ethics.

Our dedication to hard work has earned the respect of the business and financial community in the UK and Globally. We believe this to be a direct representation of our talent and responsiveness to the accounting and finance sector digital compliance and competence.

Today’s ever-evolving digital world is in dire need of individuals of excellent personal calibre and comprehensive all-round abilities. We have built excellence upon a vision to produce individuals not merely of academic excellence but those who also display exceptional digital accounting skills and moral principles, belonging to the highest calibre of professionals and, would subsequently be the driving force of the corporate world.

We help organisations capture the full power of digital technology, to adapt to disruption, increase operational efficiencies, improve risk management effectiveness, and uncover new sources of revenue. We make the aspirational achievable by combining strategy with digital competence and delivering measurable outcomes in workforce development and businesses growth.

We always treat people and businesses with respect, without any prejudice or preconceptions. We are proud of being an open, fair and honest. Our slogan “equal opportunity for all” ensures non-discrimination emphasising that opportunities are available to all. Our commitment to equality and diversity is irrespective of religion, ethnic origin, or any other individual or group characteristic. Hence all groups receive the additional support and flexibility they require to fulfil their career and business growth needs.

We have aligned ourselves with several leading International accounting bodies and partnered with some of the highest-profile training and education providers to reinforce the bond among the community. We have also partnered with other leading training organisations to be able to extend our offerings to our students, professionals and businesses.

We build, develop and refine partnerships with Employers to enable more effective achievement of outcomes and to share learning. We believe that partnership work is essential to achieving positive results and meeting the needs of our digital programmes support.

We have a network of employers and industries consisting of all sizes from small to large organisations. We go into their insight and experience for identification and exploration of the worldwide trends and issues for the businesses, societies, economics, and the profession entirely. This insight enables us to develop the accountant that this ever-changing world needs and provide us with the wisdom that we share outside of the ACDAP.

We bring on board a unique blend of incredible digital expertise, resources and intelligence with a mission to provide prompt, efficient and reliable digital accounting qualification for individuals and businesses. We have specially designed our website to provide you with a robust platform to enable you to benefit from our knowledge bank.

We will continue to build upon our successes demonstrated in digital accounting and finance sectors. We are committed to achieving our goals, particularly for the people & businesses and for the society & economies at large.

Thank you.

Chief Executive

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