Core Values

Association of Certified Digital Accounting Professionals (ACDAP) is committed to a set of long-lasting Core Values. Built on the vision that education serves as a keystone in improving society and building better futures for all, we commit to our core values of:

  • Excellence
  • Ethics and Dignity
  • Diversity
  • Focus on Students, Professionals and Employers
  • Collaboration and Public Engagement

ACDAP provide excellent solutions for students and professionals by putting their needs first & providing a positive, supportive digital accounting environment to achieve their career goals in accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, taxation, auditing, VAT, HMRC, MTD and much more. In-built digital compliance is the nucleus of ACDAP programmes.

Our core values define our attitude and character of the ACDAP, which include:

Academic excellence and success

We value high-quality learning experience to meet the transfer and career needs of our community through best practices in teaching and encouraging innovation and research in the accounting and finance sector.

Value and outcome-based education

We value the student-centred teaching, learning process, focusing on the outcomes while following sincerity, discipline, commitment through demonstration and practice at ACDAP.

Transformational learning and holistic development

We promote multidisciplinary research, innovation, creativity, experimentation and critical thinking. We place great value on learning and the pursuit of knowledge as lifelong processes of career growth.

Continuous improvement

We place great value on continuous improvement through the assessment of learning outcomes, programme effectiveness, and processes of our decision-making. We utilise these assessments to improve the quality of our courses, practices and programmes.

Environmental sustainability

We value adopting best practices for the protection of the environment for future generations and sharing these values socially.

Civic awareness

We place great value on social awareness to promote the understanding and betterment of the society and the world by engaging our students, professional, staff and surrounding community in significant activities and discussions.


We promote, support, and demonstrate kindness, respect, understanding, cooperation, civility and acceptance. We foster a spirit of professionalism. We place great value on others, ourselves, and our students as unique individuals and the differences and embrace the commonalities.

Participatory decision making

We place great value on the decentralisation of powers that allow each of us to contribute ideas, bring concerns and exploring options to develop the consensus. We trust and value our management, as we participate in decision making.

Institutional wellness

We value an institutional attitude and culture that promotes and supports total health and wellness of staff and students; a friendly, efficient and flawless administrative set up ensuring the smooth functioning of the ACDAP.

Association of Certified Digital Accounting Professionals (ACDAP)

  • is a people-centric organisation
  • know that small difference make significant differences
  • practice owning up to moments, tasks and responsibilities
  • has a diversified approach in its work environment
  • is more than just an equal opportunity employer
  • built over trust, reliability, satisfaction, customer relations, support, feedback and research for the benefit of people
  • have multi-ethnic and multi-cultural talent
  • believe that supporting the diversity of the workforce improves satisfaction and productivity level

These are words we live by in this legacy of a company we strive to make better every day.

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