Vision and Mission

Association of Certified Digital Accounting Professionals (ACDAP) vision is to become a leading provider through offering innovative & high-quality digital qualifications, training and learning experience for students, professionals & businesses. We are striving to achieve excellence in digital competence in accounting and finance sectors, add value to markets and economy, safeguard public interest; ensure ethical practices and good corporate governance while recognising the needs of global digitisation.

ACDAP thinks that advancements in technology are reshaping the world of accountancy. While these changes can present a threat, they also offer an opportunity for students, professionals and employers to embrace technological advances and apply their analytical skills in new ways to add real value to their career and growth of businesses and economies.

ACDAP commitment is to develop distinguished digital accountants for the corporate and public sectors to contribute towards continuous development, enhancement and strengthening the accountancy, finance and audit to support economic growth through competence and compliance through digitisation.

ACDAP mission is to prepare competent and capable accounting, finance and advisory professionals through digital accounting, accounting work experience, practical accountancy training on the real-case basis. ACDAP courses focusing on robust practice procedures widely used in the accounting sector. ACDAP empower students and professionals with the skills and competitive advantages for the accounting career. ACDAP qualifications provide a vast understanding of how software work. Learning Payroll on the software like Sage payroll, Xero payroll and Quickbooks payroll is vital to show your skills as a job-ready candidate in the accounting and finance sector.

ACDAP prepare students and professionals through our digital accounting qualifications and training on real-case scenarios in the real-working environment through most modern accounting software like Sage 50, Sage One, Sage Payroll, Sage CIS, Sage Compliance, Sage Accounts Production Advanced (SAPA), CCH, IRIS, Xero, QuickBooks, SAP, Oracle Financials, MS Excel and many more.

ACDAP is for those individuals who wish to develop their knowledge, skills and awareness of innovations in digital technology and its impact on the finance profession with digital competence. We are focused on excellence & aim to elevate our digital accounting qualifications and programmes to the highest possible levels of attainment. 

ACDAP provides comprehensive practical accounting training programmes to construct the bridges between knowledge and practical aspects of accounting and taxation. ACDAP digital accounting courses covers Computerised Accounting, Bookkeeping and Payroll aspects. ACDAP allows getting hands-on practical experience to open the avenues for lucrative Accounting, Tax & Payroll sector.

ACDAP’s developing partnerships with employers is key to achieving this aim & to ensuring that every student has the opportunity to explore their full talent in a safe & supportive place to work & learn. We provide access to high-quality learning & through the provision of first-class resources, actively promote the highest quality student learning experience. 

ACDAP’s aim to seize opportunities to develop further support & commitment of the employers in the delivery of training programmes. Our collaborative approach to work-based learning is expanding our employer base & we seek to develop this further globally.

The core British values together form the themes of Association of Certified Digital Accounting Professionals provision. 

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