Vision and Mission


"Catalyzing Digital Proficiency for a Transformed Tomorrow"

The Association of Certified Digital Accounting Professionals (ACDAP) envisions a future where digital accounting education, bolstered by accreditation, becomes the cornerstone for the success of students, professionals, and businesses. Our vision is to be the catalyst that propels individuals and organisations into a realm of digital excellence, fostering a landscape where financial acumen seamlessly integrates with the power of technology, thereby empowering them to navigate and excel in the digital era.


"Empowering Through Digital Literacy, Navigating Future Challenges"

Our mission at ACDAP is to pioneer digital accounting education globally, focusing on critical components and features integral to the digital era. By championing SMEs and digital accountants, especially in alignment with HMRC's MTD programme, we are committed to navigating the evolving landscape of digital accounting. We strive to be the driving force behind the necessity and importance of digital accounting in the coming years, ensuring individuals and organisations are well-equipped to meet future challenges.

ACDAP seeks to be at the forefront of digital accounting adoption across diverse sectors, collaborating with big industries, software companies, government offices, and various business departments. Recognising the historical shift from manual to digital accounting, we aim to shape the narrative around government policies, guide management accountants in leveraging digital tools, and contribute to defining the future role of a digital accountant.

As a beacon in digital education, we envision a future where ACDAP differentiates between digital and manual accounting and becomes synonymous with excellence in digital financing and accounting software. We aim to empower individuals and businesses, ensuring they thrive in an era where the intersection of finance and technology is the key to sustained success.


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