Practical Qualifications

Practical Qualifications (PQ) is an education and publishing service organisation dealing with the accounting and finance sectors. PQ is committed to its mission to help student and professional by providing not only accounting and finance study material but quality education to achieve their academic and career objectives through whether it is classroom study or distance learning.

  • PQ has dedicated team to support the success of students and professionals and making a measurable impact on the studies. 
  • PQ is providing study material prepared by highly qualified accountants and finance experts with a sound track-record of exam success. 
  • PQ’s study materials help students and professionals to cover all the aspects of the qualification they are studying and prepare them for professional examinations of renowned accounting bodies.
  • PQ provides a variety of exam-centred and friendly study materials for accounting and finance qualifications. 
  • PQ is approved provider of Association of Certified Digital Accounting Professionals (ACDAP).
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